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For each and every application, Our product specification sheets

will help you select the Exitflex
process tool, equipment or machine... product that exactly corresponds
to your application and to your
existing equipment. Available to
An Exitflex solution download from our website,

Airless Flat tips Airless Reversible tips Air Assisted Airless tips Accessories

From standard industrial grade to robotic, Over the years, Exitflex has designed, manufactured Well-known brands such as Binks , Graco , Whether you need hose inserts, swivels,
superfine and line marking models, Exitflex offers a and marketed a broad range of airless reversible Iwata ,Kremlin Sata , Seiwa , Wagner ® Y-blocks, couplings, adaptors, rotary cleaning
comprehensive assortment of the finest quality flat tips, ideally suited for all types of applications. and Wiwa amongst others,offer quality AAA nozzles or airless spray lances, look no further.
tips. They fit all airless spray guns and are widely Whether you are looking for tips that fit popular spray guns. Many coating facilities operate with Exitflex has engineered the solution for you,
used in automatic and many manual applications. guards or opt for Exitflex’s unique guard design equipment from more than one manufacturer either in carbon or stainless steel.
rendering the process of sourcing high quality
They can be found applying mastics, buffing - the only guard in the market that can be entirely
tungsten carbide spray tips overly complicated. As part of its extended product line,
compounds, ceramics and a wide variety of dismantled for in-depth cleaning and maintenance -
Exitflex high pressure stainless steel swivels
coating materials throughout various industries. you will find a tailored solution for your needs. Exitflex has the solution for all your sourcing issues.
are precision engineered devices with
We are optimally positioned to offer a broad range
Our flagship product, the SF tip, is designed for Our Speedy 5 reversible tip with its patented design, innovative seal design.
of AAA tips in premium standard or superfine
precision spraying with the ultimate in high quality rated at a maximum working pressure (MWP)
pre-atomizer versions that directly fit all popular Their low weight and compact design facilitate
atomization. SF tips reduce energy consumption of 517 Bar, ensures a guaranteed centred spray spray guns. If your preferred spray gun manufacturer spray gun movement, especially in difficult to
and increase painting profitability. pattern due to the ball key and cone seal design. doesn’t offer the exact type or size of tip you need access areas. A must-have for all professionals.
The Swiss-engineered design, which incorporates If a blockage does occur, the line contact seal for a project then our team of specialists are able to
a matched pre-orifice within the assembly, enables guarantees easy turning every time; another design and create a solution for you.
users to greatly reduce fluid pressure, this in turn unique feature invented by our team of creative
The new TRIA Pro45 is an elegant new way to maximise
reduces paint wastage. SF tips have helped cut and innovative engineers.
the performance of your Air Assisted Airless spray gun.
pollution on many large customer production lines,
Designed to minimise down-time, it complements
working towards achieving emission reduction ® ® ®
the Binks 4400™, Graco G40™, Kremlin MVX™
targets. Large amounts of paint have been saved and XCITE™, Optima 2000™ & 2100™, SATAjet ®
and cleaning costs cut. A wide programme of sizes 3000K™ and Wagner 4600™ sprayguns. The Pro45
is available. is supplied as a kit comprising of an aircap base,
a reversible tip and air and fluid seals.
Only available from Exitflex.
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